IoT Devices & Solutions Provider

Rodsum Wireless has been providing IoT solutions since last decade. With broad range of industrial knowledge and experiences, we had successfully delivered solutions to different businesses, organizations and industries.  

Electronic Circuit Board

Products & Solutions

Internet-of-Things solutions always come with a system of connected hardware, and software involving related technologies in industries. For such purposes, we provide: 


IoT Devices

To facilitate needs of industrial applications, we supply devices supporting connections and integrations with various sensors.

IoT Service & Tracking Platform

Customers are able to access data collected at the front ends. Realtime information and reports are ready for quick decision making.  


Robots are coming to our everyday life. Disinfection and forklift robots are here! 

Senior Living

Let technologies help bring us confidence and comforts. Affordable solutions available for senior home and individual needs. 

Project Customization Services

Understand that every customer may likely have their particular requirement. Our development team are ready to listen and work with you.  

We are here to help implement your IoT strategy!

To increase productivity and keep competitiveness among the others in the rapidly changing world, introducing IoT strategy into your organization could be an answer. Being an experienced IoT solutions enabler serving customers from various industries, we are ready to be a partner in your IoT strategy.