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Corporate Social Responsibility

The statement is the key to our business operations and sets out our requirements regarding human rights, employee rights, the conflict minerals, the environment, the impact on children's rights and business ethics. 

1. Laws and regulations
Rodsum Wireless and its partners and suppliers comply with the laws and regulations that apply to the business and to employment in the countries in which we operate. 
This is a minimum requirement in all parts of the Statement, and if the Statement is in conflict with mandatory national legislation, the law applies.

2. Working environment 
Rodsum Wireless ensures all employees have a safe and healthy work environment in accordance with applicable local law.

3. Business ethics 
Rodsum Wireless does not tolerate any form of corruption, bribery, or unethical business practices. This applies to employees as well as to our partners and suppliers.

4. Environmental management 
Rodsum Wireless and its partners and suppliers operate in full accordance with current environmental legislation. Important environmental aspects, such as resource consumption, emissions, chemicals, and waste, are identified, and appropriate measures are taken.

5. Conflict minerals
Rodsum Wireless commits to working closely with our partners and suppliers to ensure that the mining of minerals found in our products has not contributed to armed conflict, and to set requirements and control the supply chain.

6. Non-discrimination, harassment, and abuse
Every employee is treated strictly on the basis of their abilities and merits in every decision that applies to the work. This applies to, but is not limited to, employment, compensation and benefits, education, redundancy, and dismissal. No employee shall be subjected to physical, sexual, psychological, or verbal harassment, threats, or abuse.

7. Forced labour 
No form of forced labor, involuntary work, unpaid work, or human trafficking is tolerated. This includes any forms of work against someone's will or choice. Employees shall not be required to deposit money or identity documents and shall be free to leave their work at any time or terminate their employment after a reasonable period of notice.

8. Child labour and authorized minors 
Child labor is not tolerated in any form. No person younger than the age required to complete compulsory schooling shall be employed. 

9. Violation of human rights in conflict-prone areas of risk 
Rodsum Wireless does not accept that the purchase of materials for products, parts or components directly or indirectly contributes to human rights violations in conflict-affected areas and high-risk areas.

10. Disciplinary action 
Disciplinary measures must be implemented in a way that ensures fair and humane treatment of 
employees. No employee shall be subject to disciplinary action or any form of physical, sexual or 
psychological punishment, harassment, or coercion.

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