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Rodsum Wireless - Disinfectant Spray Rob


Intelligent Disinfectant Spray Robot

  • For various locations. e.g. school, office

  • High-power ultrasonic atomization, no liquid residue

  • Special outlet design, effective disinfectant 

  • Automatic return and recharge when low battery level

  • Customized disinfection schedule and route

  • Fully automatic and intelligent obstacle avoidance​​

  • Smart map building

  • Simple set-up, automatic operation

  • Continuous working up to 6 hours

FR-Mini 81 bg removed.png

FR-Mini 81

Forklift Robot AGV

  • Compact design

  • Long operating hours

  • Suitable for most surrounding conditions

  • No retrofitting to workspace required

  • Safe in use

  • Great ROI

  • Ideal for warehouse, self-storage and more

Coming Soon

Commercial Floor Scrubbing Robot

  • For cleaning services in shopping mall, school and more

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