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Construction Sites


Anti-Theft Application for Equipment and Assets

Construction sites are usually open and easily accessible to unauthorized personnel. The situation exposes their industrial equipment in high risk of stealing. 

Apart from financial loss, it may even delay the construction work scheduled in some cases. Our Equipment Monitoring Application is intended to prevent from the losses. Any unauthorized removal of the equipment from original position will trigger an alert sent to the person-in-charge.

Surveyors Equipment
Image by Troy Mortier

Suitable for most Equipment in Different Size, Indoor & Outdoor  

Range from portable power tool to digger, either they are indoor or outdoor, our compact and rugged wireless beacons are good to go.   

Simply place our beacons on, the equipment or asset is then under monitoring. 

Lost & found

With a tight schedule, it is not rare for workers to leave their equipment or tool accidentally. 


Having a beacon attached would help locate it for you.   

Electric Grinder

Features & Benefits

Equipment Monitoring Application Platfor

Service Components

For service, all listed components are required. Please order accordingly


Wireless Beacon with Motion Detection Sensor


  • Place on equipment/asset to be monitored

  • Battery-powered, no wiring

  • Alert when a movement happens to the equipment

  • Individual beacon for every equipment

  • Our WiFi Bridge required in use


WiFi Bridge for Internet Connection

Model: AROCO AC-BW-R120

  • Connect our wireless beacons to the internet through WiFi. Please ensure your WiFi coverage to the location

  • Able to receive wireless signal from beacons up to 50M in range, subject to actual working environment 

  • Support 4-5V or 9-36V DC power 

  • Be noted that the WiFi Bridge will also be used as a reference point for locations of equipment/asset attached with beacons. 


Equipment Monitoring Web Service Platform 

  • Service subscription is required for every beacons in use. Please subscribe accordingly

  • Separate email will be sent for setting up instruction

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